COVID-19: Economic Way Forward

Your Views?

As we wage forward in this situation of COVID-19, it is the economic downturn and lives it will impact that we are worried about. As it is, the livelihood of over 50,000 individuals who work in the tourism and hospitality sectors, and their families are impacted.

A national Taskforce comprising representatives from finance, economic affairs, RMA and private sector are working to create fiscal interventions and measures to protect as well as sustain our economy. The national taskforce for 21st century economic road map has also been tasked to come up with their recommendations. Another group of freelance economists are working closely with PMO to delve into the issues that will come our way.

We know you are also concerned. What should we do to keep our economy running in this pandemic situation?
How should we invest so that our people, especially the vulnerable groups, are affected the least? How should government prioritise our budget to keep stimulating our economy? What would you do? Share your thoughts.