One of the key messages that emanated from the Royal Address during the 112th National Day on December 17th, 2019 is to chart out a clear economic roadmap for the 21st century. This presents an exciting opportunity to appreciate past efforts and hard work and take stock of progress. More importantly, it bestows a profound responsibility to look ahead and chart a better future for Bhutan and all Bhutanese as envisioned by Our Visionary Kings.

The vision for the country and the Bhutanese people has been clearly articulated by His Majesty The King over the years through numerous Royal Addresses to the nation and is also enshrined in the country’s Constitution. Where the country needs to go has been set, what remains is to determine how we get there in a manner that is in keeping with GNH values. Bhutan’s 21st Century Economic Roadmap  is expected to broadly guide the country’s economic development over the next 10 years. It will draw on the articulated vision and outline the main strategies in key economic priority areas.